Neil Chair – Black (Set of 4)


The Neil Armless Rope Outdoor Dining Chair is a contemporary piece of furniture that provides comfortable seating and modern design for your family’s open-air eating area. These outdoor patio chairs showcase a sleek black and grey rope design that is not only pleasing to the eye but also durable, ensuring their suitability for outdoor use. The armless design adds flexibility and ease of movement, while the robust steel frame is reliable and supportive. These chairs offer a modern and convenient style that is perfect for any outdoor gathering, whether it is a casual barbecue or a formal dinner party. The dining chair collection is particularly appropriate for large families, cafes, restaurants, or those who like to host social events


04 x Chair (Black)
Steel frame
Rope weaving (including legs)

Dimension:D23.80 x W22.40 x H34.60 in.
Unit weight:lbs.

Product weight:33.52 lbs.


Packing method:4 pcs / ctn
Carton size:D28.74 x W23.62 x H39.37 in.
Packaged weight:44.36 lbs.
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