Seine Etagere Bookcase


The Seine Brown indoor etagere bookcase is truly a work of art and a thing of beauty. Its rich, warm hue and intricate carvings showcase the professional craftsmanship of its makers. The etagere style provides ample storage for books, trinkets, and other treasures, while the single drawer offers a convenient space for smaller items. This mid-century bookcase’s gentle curves and ornate details evoke the refined beauty of a bygone era, transporting the viewer to a time of simpler pleasures and more meaningful connections. One can almost picture a young couple perusing the shelves, their fingers caressing the spines of old leather-bound volumes, lost in the moment’s magic. This solid wood furniture piece is a true masterpiece, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


Solid wood book case (kd)
6 tier shelf and 1 drawer

Dimension:D28.00 x W14.00 x H60.00 in.
Unit weight:lbs.

Product weight: 41.9 lbs.


Packing method:1pc/ctn
Carton size:D30.31 x W16.54 xH17.72 in.
Packaged weight:50.7 lbs.
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