Egg Poly Planter (Set Of 2) – Green Grey


The design of the egg green jay poly outdoor planter is both classic and modern, showing its uniqueness and making it suitable for many different spaces such as the garden, living room, kitchen, porch, and entryway. The poly fiber stone material is resistant to environmental influences and weather, so it is less prone to cracking. Therefore, you can place this unique furniture outdoors or indoors. It is very beautiful. The product is suitable for growing small and medium-sized plants. You can easily decorate the product according to your preferences. Planting in an egg-shaped planter helps to enhance the shape of the tree and beautify the landscape. The pot is heavyweight, so it is not afraid of being blown away by the wind and protects the tree’s soil firmly.



Poly fiber stone

Dimension 1:D18.50 x W18.50 x H14.96in.
Dimension 2:D14.37 x W14.37 x H11.42in
Product weight:18.74lbs.


Packing method:2 pieces / carton
Carton size:D20.50 x W20.50 x H18.10 in
Packaged weight:22.05 lbs
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