Terre Poly Planter (Set Of 2) – Grey


For the family, planters and a home decorated in green floral hues are essential. The gray poly outdoor planter, which is frequently used in Eurasian-style arrangements, is appropriate for any space and enhances the shape of the tree. The pot is made entirely by hand from poly fiber gravestone material, making it comparatively strong and light. The pot will delight you with its genuinely distinctive and classic design, making it appropriate for many different kinds of plants. The product helps you produce original artwork for your garden. Two items in two different sizes are included in the set of smooth round planters. Additionally, the poly fiber gravestone material ensures that the pots are durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for any gardener.



Poly fiber stone

Dimension 1:D23.62 x W23.62 x H16.93in.
Dimension 2:D16.93 x W16.93 x H12.20in
Product weight:28.66 lbs.


Packing method:2 pieces / carton
Carton size:D25.60 x W25.60 x H20.10 in
Packaged weight:35.27 lbs
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