Milan Urn Poly Planter (Set Of 2) – Green Brown


If you love the simple life and want to get close to nature, this green and brown poly outdoor planter is an indispensable piece for your outdoor and indoor spaces. The pot is made directly by the most skilled craftsmen. Polyfiber stone materials make it more sturdy and strong. These smooth, round planters are used to grow bonsai plants and decorate your home. The polyfiber stone material also makes the planter resistant to weather changes, ensuring the longevity of your bonsai plants. Its durability and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts. This planter has a rustic, classic, minimalistic, but unique appearance that makes the space fresh. This product is gradually becoming a new trend in the field of green space decoration in recent years.



Poly fiber stone ​​​​​​​

Dimension 1:D18.90 x W18.90 x H22.05in.
Dimension 2:D14.17 x W14.17 x H15.75in
Product weight:18.30lbs.


Packing method:2 pieces / carton
Carton size:D20.90 x W20.90 x H25.20 in
Packaged weight:27.56 lbs
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